My toes are in!

So this is it. I am blogging. I have accepted Dan’s invitation to dip my toes into the blogging waters, despite the terrible consequences for my academic career about which Ivan Tribble so grimly reported recently. You could even say that it was Tribble who gave me the final incentive. His column spawned so many intelligent defences of blogging, that I was inspired to finally start my own weblog.

For if I learned anything from those responses to Tribble’s column, it is that academic bloggers are committed researchers who want to share their work with a broader audience than those who read academic journals. Also, blogs create a virtual community of (young) people interested in the same subject who might normally only meet at conferences once in a while.

As a beginning blogger, my idea of what this site should in time become is of course heavily influenced by my reading of other blogs on the web. I always enjoy visiting Sharon Howard’s Early Modern Notes. Hers is an academic weblog on early modern history, written with such enthusiasm and love for the subject, that it must inspire students and scholars all over the world. It certainly inspired me.

Earmarks is going to be a site on early modern cultural history. It will be a collection of cultural earmarks/remarks: notes and thoughts, ideas, reviews and links on those aspects of early modern culture that fascinate me. I am a literary historian writing a PhD thesis on the cultural dynamics of gender and revenge in the early modern drama [see About me]. I live in the Netherlands, and hope that the blog will function as a means to make contact with other cultural historians all over the world. That is also why I decided to write my posts in English, and not in Dutch.

I end this first post with a thank you to the pseudonymous Ivan the Tribble, who made me realise that I wanted to be a blogger.


5 thoughts on “My toes are in!

  1. Hi! I found you via Sharon too…it’s great that you’ve started blogging! It’s great that Tribble actually encouraged you to start blogging…I hope you don’t mind if I quote you on that!

  2. Yes, of course you can quote me on that! And if your survey on academic blogs is still around when I have had more reactions from colleagues to my blog, I will definitely take it to officially back up my words here (or contradict them if I get fired 😉 )

  3. Hi Kristine,
    Wow, another PhD at the OGC blogging! Looks very good! Congratulations!
    Shall we propose blogging as an alternative for that damned BKO???
    (I found your blog by checking out referrers in my statistics program…)

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