Internet Shakespeare Editions

The website of the Internet Shakespeare Editions has been completely redesigned, and new material has been added. The site looks wonderful, and has been designed around such rooms as the Foyer, the Library, the Theatre and the Annex.

New features include a section on performance, and a collection of facsimiles that can be viewed online. The Quarto version of Hamlet, for example, features this lesser known version of his famous line: “To be or not to be, I there’s the point” (sig. D4v). The performance section in the “Theater” contains a wealth of material on Shakespeare on Film, as well as on historical and modern performances of his plays. The database is searcheable, and contains material from over a thousand productions, including digitized version of such material as prompt books, costumes, and reviews. Professionally annotated editions of the plays are to be added in the near future, making the site a comprehensive Shakespearean repository.

The whole site is beautifully designed, with attention even to the tiniest detail. When a page cannot be found (it happened to me only once), the 404 Error page displays a sad-looking Shakespeare in a new version of the Droeshout engraving. Ingenious!


2 thoughts on “Internet Shakespeare Editions

  1. Thanks for this wonderful comment on our site. We value feedback from our many visitors, especially those with the range of interests I find on this remarkable collection.

    Would you mind adding us to your list of links? I’m pleased to see the Digital Renaissance Editions there — we will be collaborating with them in the near future.


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