Queenship, Geographies and Love Emblems

No less than 62 Calls for Papers found their way into my mailbox this Sunday morning. Here are three hand-picked early-modern ones:

The Ritual and Rhetoric of Queenship, 1250-1650
An interdisciplinary conference at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent (24 August 2006) that will explore images and representations of queens, as well as the cultural and political narratives of queenship. The organisers seek to probe such themes as: the ritual construction of queenship; queenship, identity and power; holy and sainted queens; royal motherhood; queens as intercessors and patrons; queens in translation. Keynote speaker is Professor Lisa Hopkins. Deadline for the submission of proposals: 28 February 2006.

Novel Geographies: Space and the British Novel, 1660-1900
Call for essays for a book collection on the changes in representations of space in British prose fiction. The editors seek to discuss how historical forces, such as colonialism, slavery, industrialization, or urbanization, impact the imaginary “space” of the novel and nation, as well as how varying constructs of identity and/or experience (e.g. of race, religion, class, gender, or global location) influence these newly emerging forms of narrative imagination or “novel geographies.” Deadline for abstracts: December 2006.

Learned Love: Dutch Love Emblems Digitised
As a festive conclusion to the ambitious Dutch Emblem Project, Utrecht University will host a conference on the Dutch Love Emblem, and on the Digitisation of the Emblem (6 and 7 November 2006). The Dutch Emblem Project has digitized a large number of Dutch emblem books, both religious and profane. The emblems are annotated, translations are cross-referenced, sources and parallels are noted. Behind the images of the emblem books lies an XML structure that (eventually) allows the visitor to search the books by keywords. A number of key speakers for the conference have already been invited, but the organizers are looking for contributors who have used the Dutch Emblem Project in their research, and who would like to present a case study at the conference. Deadline for abstracts is 1 April 2006.


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