WordPress 2.0

I did it! I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 tonight. Do let me know if you find anything amiss, for it was suspiciously easy to do. There are (hopefully) no changes on this side of WordPress, but on the administrator side many things have changed: it looks very clear and bright, and I’ve already noticed that the preview function in the “write post” screen applies my stylesheet — very good.

Update: mmm, just tried to add a new link – it shows up in the clear and bright administrator screen, but it refuses to manifest itself on my weblog… Perhaps I should reserve tomorrow evening for looking into WordPress 2.0 bugs?


3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0

  1. The last couple of times I’ve come here – in the last day or 2 – the site seems to load a little slower and the Earmarks banner didn’t load at all until I went into comments and/or reloaded the page.
    That’s just an observation (on ADSL) and may not be related.

  2. Oh…and I just noticed: when I wrote my last comment in the machine thread below, George’s comment wasn’t there – again this may be unrelated to the WordPress update. I otherwise presume you have a hold on new commenters? Anyway….just thought I’d pass it on.

  3. Thanks, Peacay! I’ve noticed that the site has become slower, too. Perhaps I should have waited a bit before upgrading, until all the teething problems have been sorted out… I’ll look into the banner, maybe I could reduce the size of the image. And yes, I have a hold on new commenters — perhaps WordPress placed the comment according to the time of the original submission, and so it ended up above yours?

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