The library thing

So I finally did the LibraryThing! For those of you who are not familiar with this marvellous phenomenon: at the LibraryThing, you can catalogue your books online, see which other users you share similar books with, write reviews, tag your books, and much more. I entered part of my library this morning, and will be cataloguing for some time to come. It works quite fast, because LibraryThing pulls titles out of Amazon and the Library of Congress, so that in almost all cases, you don’t need to enter the data by hand.

The great thing is that I can now put a “current reading” widget in my sidebar — one of the options under the “extra” tab in the LibraryThing. It took me some fiddling, because some styles of widget stretched themselves out vertically all over my page. But then I found this wonderful page by Julie at No Fancy Name, who took the trouble to write down a set of very lucid instructions on how to create your own CSS-styles for the widget.

So there’s my Sunday morning for you. Perhaps this afternoon, I will get some real reading done as well…


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