PhD weblogs

I just discovered, a site that lists weblogs written by PhD students from all over the world. There are a lot of blogs in the categories of language/culture and history/archaeology that I didn’t know (such as Blogademia, a blog on the academic study of blogs, or the blog of Glen Fuller, who writes a thesis on modified car-culture).

My other toy for the weekend is the Oxford English Dictionary Online — I just treated myself to a three-months individual subscription. We have the OED in the university library of course, but this is something else. I can now log in from the comfort of my living room, bedroom, or anywhere else I take my little laptop, checking on phrases such as “freatyng furies” or “chambering knights.”


2 thoughts on “PhD weblogs

  1. How much was the OED subscription, if you don’t mind my asking? I had a vague recall of $1000 a year but that was a long time ago and may just be (a) bad memory.

    Last year or early this year there was a free OED period in conjunction with some promotion or other (via languagehat) that was fun but then sad when it ended. just doesn’t quite do it for moi.

    [Oh…by the by, and this is no real annoyance, but I was wondering if this commenty thing has the ability to allow preview? Mais, ce n’est pas important.]

  2. It cost me 58 Pounds, excluding taxes, and that worked out as 85 Euro’s including taxes, for three months. I guess that’s about 100 dollars, but taxes might differ per country, of course. It’s too expensive for me to continue the subscription when this one expires, but I am going to make good use of it the coming three months!

    Do I need a plugin to allow comment preview? I’ll take a look in the WordPress Codex when I have some time to spare, perhaps there’s an easy way to include the option.

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