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Here’s a question that has been bugging me for some time: can I create a Blogger account, so that I can comment on blogs that require one, without creating a Blogger blog? I have often clicked on the “no account – register here” link on my favourite blogs using Blogger, but am always confronted with a 3-step process that ends with me naming and creating my very own blog. I have a blog already, I just want to comment! Is there a way out, or am I just missing something?


6 thoughts on “Blogger account

  1. Ah, is that the only way? I already have a Word-Press Express blog darting around in cyberspace (I honestly don’t remember what I called it, or where it is!), also brought into this world for purely technical purposes. I would be loath to spawn another blog — but if there is no other way…

    Thanks, Wil!

  2. Kristine I have seen both commenters who create non-existant blogs but also those who haven’t even done that. Sometimes the name in a comment links directly to their non-blogger site and there is nothing in their blogger profile. It’s all a bit strange, even stranger still with blogger-beta now online. So there must be tricks to adding html and slipping through without a blog. But of course I wouldn’t know how..

  3. Peacay, thanks! At least now I know that it might be possible to comment without creating another blog. Perhaps someone else will let us in on the secret! When I have time, I’ll Google around a bit, and see if the trick is described anywhere.

  4. So there is an option to allow comments from “Others” — meaning people who are not registered with Blogger. Why do most Blogger-bloggers choose to block that option — because of spam? You still need to type in that silly word-recognition thing as a spam protection, right?

    Blogger-bloggers, tell us why!

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