What I did since my last post

Well, I…

  • almost bought an apartment in Amsterdam, but discovered a major construction error just before signing the contract
  • almost, almost finished my PhD thesis — no major construction errors discovered as yet (fingers crossed)
  • corrected a huge number of midterm essays (my first time) and loved it (sorry)
  • developed a love-hate relationship with the Dutch railway system
  • bought a pair of lovely new black leather boots in between two lectures (I love impulse buys, and working in Amsterdam city centre doesn’t help)
  • twice bought lottery tickets in attempt to remedy said impulse buys — did not win a thing
  • dropped from somewhere in the top 50 to number 81 on the Blogtopsites list (I don’t even dare to look at my page stats)
  • …yet kept receiving comments on older posts, which I will answer this week, promise
  • missed you all!

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