A fresh start

I set out this morning to find a new outfit for my poor neglected blog. I had in mind something like Sribblingwoman’s crisp design, but then I stumbled on this cosy wallpaper theme called “warm and dry.” I fell in love with it, and decided to rename the blog after this serendipitous find. If you find things are not working, do let me know!

I felt like making a fresh start after my scattered entries over the past months. Since I was last here, I not only survived my first full-time teaching semester (and thoroughly enjoyed it!), but also submitted my PhD thesis. In the Dutch system, your supervisors send your manuscript to five (internal and external) professors, who then decide whether your work is good enough to be defended publicly. If they approve the manuscript, I will be defending my thesis in June. Fingers crossed!

We were still taking exams on the 22nd of December in Amsterdam, but now a month-long period without lectures, seminars, or tutorials stretches itself out before me. I’m still taking in the prospect, but it means I have time to prepare my master’s course on Bodies and Selves in Early Modern Culture (yes, I stole the title from Michael Schoenfeldt), a second-year course on medieval and renaissance English literature, and another second-year course on late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century English literature, all of which start in February 2007.

And I have all the time in the world for blogging, of course!

My warmest season’s greetings to you all!


2 thoughts on “A fresh start

  1. I love the new theme (although I always knew you were a girl 😉 and site title – much cheaper than a haircut!

    Fantastic news about the pee aitch dee, too. Best of luck with it and best wishes also for the new year!

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