Enough with the thumb thing!

Two months and six days is quite long enough for this little miracle of an invention to feature at the top of this blog. The date of my last post, the 1st of February 2007, points the finger at the cause of my silence: teaching. The spring semester started on that exact date.

Now, a lot of people teach and manage to write blogs too. Even if I don’t write about daily goings-on in class since my non-pseudonymous blog makes that a bit awkward, I could still write about the subject of my teaching, my research, reading, heck, I’m even directing a play at the moment — if I just made a little time for it. Blogging inspires, orders ideas, serves as an archive, and gives you direct feedback on little nuggets of thought. The kind comments that I kept receiving even though I hadn’t said a word in weeks kept nagging at me. So from now on, I am going to do just that: make more time for blogging. Structurally. There, now I said it, I have to keep to my promise.
Happy Easter everyone!


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