Women and reading: exhibition

The Louis Couperus Museum in the Hague this autumn hosts an exhibition on women and reading: The Limits of Propriety: Women and Reading around 1900. I will definitely be going; watch this space for a review.

From the site:

The exhibition examines the development of the views on the limits of propriety around 1900 and the position of Couperus’ work in it. Paintings, water colours and reproductions give an interesting image of how women read in those days. A collection of ‘forbidden literature’ gives insight in the supposed dangers to which the feminine soul was exposed.


4 thoughts on “Women and reading: exhibition

  1. Hi,

    A quick note to say how much I love your blog, it has little to do with my areas of research but I read you anyway.

    It is good to have you back..

    I am quite certain that you will love and enjoy reading a delightful little book called “The Uncommon Reader” by Alan Bennett. Its just published in the UK, its about a very special lady and her reading. I promise you its wonderful.

    Disclaimer…..No links between me an the author, his publisher, etc.etc.
    I just loved the book!

  2. Interesting exhibiton in Hague! I had to trave to Hague to the conference but then I had to cancel the idea because of too many overlapping duties. What a pity! And now I read that I could have seen an exhibiton about women, reading and writing… I have collected postcards about the theme for nearly ten years, and have had one small exhibiton in Turku City Library (Finland) for three years ago. There are pictures from the ancient art and frescos to modern photograpy art in my collection. Maybe I will have an opportunity to arrange the exhibiton again in the future, with more detailed background and research. 🙂 Thank you for the interesting information here about women, reading and writing.

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