Radio (2)

I did my very first radio interview last night, and enjoyed it. The show was aired live from the studios of the NOS in the Media Park in Hilversum, where the Dutch news is also made. The small radio studio that I was in is the one that also produces the Radio 1 Journaal, the news programme that I listen to religiously every morning (the images below are from their website). I felt a bit like a tourist, wandering around in a world that seems so familiar but is not.

BNN is a broadcasting organization that targets young people, so the first thing the presenter did was snort at our Shakespeare Society of the Low Countries and our supposedly boring activities – conferences, pfffft! — but I think I managed to trigger some enthusiasm for Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet in him, and perhaps in some of the listeners. I had a good time, even if it was only six minutes that felt like six seconds. The excerpt from their podcast is below – it’s in Dutch.

BNN Today – Quicktime Streaming

By the way, I am glad that this did not happen to me – a Dutch news presenter this week was accidentally on air while she was preparing herself for the coming broadcast, and wondered aloud whether she should ‘flaunt what she has’. It’s funny to see (though not for poor Eva Jinek) that presenters are just as nervous as amateurs before going on air.


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