Blog trouble – Addhandler

Computer codeI’ve been busy wrapping up the semester, but that is no excuse for the long silence here. To top it all, I had a technical problem as well: Serendipities disappeared from the ether. I had no idea what was going on, but when I tried to reach the blog or the WordPress admin side of things, I saw a blank page and my browser would ask me whether I wanted to save a file.

I tried all kinds of things through my faithful ftp dog Fetch – disabling plugins, emptying the cache – nothing worked. Until just now, when I saw that my .htaccess file had a strange first line that wasn’t in the standard WordPress .htaccess file. I deleted that line, and voila, the blog was back!

This is what I deleted:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php4 .php

If anyone can tell me what happened, or whether I did the right thing there, I’d love to know.

On the bright side, the disappearance of Serendipities was a good wake-up call, and I will be posting more frequently over the summer!


One thought on “Blog trouble – Addhandler

  1. I sent a mail to my provider Bluehost’s helpdesk, and they sent me an explanation of what happened: “We just upgraded the Server Operating system from Cent)s v4 to CentOS v5. After this upgrade a lot of accounts were switched to php4 after we recompiled the apache on the server. This is why you had that handler in the .htaccess.” This seems to suggest that the handler was a good thing, but perhaps I still don’t understand. Anyway, the site is still working, and Bluehost thinks my account is now on php5, so I am not going to touch a thing.

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