Back – to stay

After a feeble attempt to breathe new life into this blog in January, I am now really back to stay. Apologies to those who held their breath since January last. My long absence was caused first by a teaching overload and then something much, much happier – the birth of a son! He is now five months old, and I am beginning to find little bits of time in between care and work, in which I might possibly write a blog entry every now and then. Also, I was granted four years of research time by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, so I should have something interesting to write about (more about my project soon). And finally, there was Christian’s kind comment, which reminded me that this blog still exists.

So, I hope some of my old readers will find their way back here when things get going, and new readers are welcome too! To show you how welcome you are, here is a view of the sad state of this blog’s readership in the past months:


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