Open Access Week

Today is the final day of Open Access Week, so this is a brief post to share three useful things I learned this week.


Even if you have not yet published in an Open Access journal or with an Open Access publisher, you can in most cases submit a pre-print author’s version or even the PDF of your text as published to an open access depository, or place it on your website. In The Netherlands, all universities have an Open Access repository.


Before you do so, you need to check whether your publisher permits you to make your text available online. A very useful source is SHERPA/RoMEO¬†where you can search on journal title or publisher’s name to see what their Open Access policy is.


If you are about to sign an author’s contract, then check whether it allows you to make your article available in an Open Access repository or on your own website. Sarah Werner at Wynken de Worde wrote a very useful report of her negotiations with a publisher who initially presented her with a quite restrictive contract.

See also:


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