Compassion/pity/sympathy papers @RSA 2015

The Renaissance Association of America’s 2015 conference at Berlin is brimming with papers on compassion, pity and sympathy. RSA’s unfeeling scheduling algorithm has sorted quite a few of them together in the same time slot, at 8.30 on Friday morning.




  • The Compassionate Renaissance: Fellow-Feeling in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (Session)
    Sat, March 28, 3:45 to 5:15pm, Kommode, Bebelplatz 1, First Floor, 140/2

    1. Conscience, Consciousness, Sympathy: Sharing Experience in the Renaissance, Giulio Pertile
    2. “Ope thine ear . . . Dost thou attend me?”: Shakespeare’s Tender-Minded Subjects, Eric Langley
    3. “Bended Knees and Hands Held Up”: Compassion and Gesture, Leah Wittington
    4. Poor Naked Kings: Tragic Subjects and Compassionable Objects in King Lear, Oliver M. Arnold

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