Wittevrouwen gate in 1858 by J. N. van Lokhorst

The first semester is always the busiest, but this time we also bought a house. The owner of the apartment we rented for the past five and a half years wants to revamp it, so that he can ask for almost double the price we are paying now. We had to find a new place, and bought a little house in an area of Utrecht called Wittevrouwen. It was built somewhere between 1850 and 1900, when the city expanded beyond its walls (the image is of the old Wittevrouwen gate, which no longer exists). It is in a really nice street, and it has a tiny garden at the back. The house needs a lot of tender love and care, and we have been working in it every spare hour for the past two months. I am really looking forward to moving in.

More soon about the cultural history of emotions conference in UmeƄ and about my (prize-winning!) wiki-project in a course in early modern cultural history.